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Plug-and-play devices that allow even the novice individual to get started in the cryptocurrency mining space – NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

Commercial Products

The most efficient GPU computing systems designed with the highest megahash-per-watt output, and commercial-grade reliability.

The World's Most Efficient GPUs

Our highly efficient GPU cards are custom configured for the highest megahash-to-watt ratio so that your overall electrical power consumption is optimized, reducing unnecessary expenses.

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AMD RX470/570
30.4MH/s ±5% @ 110W TDP

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Nvidia P104-100
40.5MH/s ±5% @ 145W TDP

Nvidia P104

From Cryptocurrency Mining to Artificial Intelligence and Video Rendering - We Do It All

Our GPU-based servers can handle any load of computing power that your business needs, at prices that are affordable. Whether you are looking for an in-house solution, or looking for a turnkey operation, Cryptosumer can customize your servers and build to your specifications. Contact us today and request a custom configuration.

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Proudly Working With The Best Companies In The World

We work with the top technology companies around the world to design, develop, test, build, and deploy each of our high performance computing machines.
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