Cryptosumer was a proud sponsor at the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Superconference, in Dallas, Texas this past weekend, where over 1200 cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts gathered to hear from major headliners including Tim Draper, John McAfee, and James Altucher.

Of the many amazing sponsors and businesses present at the event, Cryptosumer was the only business that brought not one but two cryptocurrency mining rigs that were mining Ethereum in real-time on the show floor. One machine was mining while the other was baring its guts and glory – 9 Nvidia P104 dedicated mining GPU cards housed in a closed rigid chassis.

The Nvidia P104 GPU card runs at an astonishing 40MH/s on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic while using only 135W per card. Our 9-way rig was hashing away at 360MH/s and pulling only 1400W at the wall which is an astounding 0.26MH/W, one of the highest outputs available on the market today.

Of all the new friends we met, Matthew Hopkins from Son of a Tech, requested to video record our hardware and post it to his popular Youtube channel. You can watch Son of a Tech’s video below:

Daryl Snyder, CEO of Cryptosumer, will be travelling to different shows across North America, and if you want to meet up with him, we’ll be posting his whereabouts on this site, so stay tuned and keep in touch!


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